Tim Vieira

Founder of Brave Generation Academy (Portugal)

Tim Vieira was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1975. He joined the Business Administration course at UNISA, but soon dropped out to start his own business in 1993. Tim established one of the first independent micro-breweries in South Africa and later joined the Executive Program at Chicago BOOTH School in London. 

Tim Vieira´s interest in business has always been diverse. In conjunction with his partners, Tim Vieira founded Special Edition Holding, one of the largest Media groups in Angola. Tim Vieira became known to the Portuguese public in 2015, after participating in Shark Tank Portugal. Today Tim Vieira is the CEO of Bravegeneration (Europa), which invests in areas such as Agriculture, Services, IT, Human Resources, Cinema Film Production, Real Estate Development, Energy Distribution, Tourism, Education Solutions and, currently, the establishment of an investment fund for opportunities in Portugal. 

BGA provides an online curriculum that is recognized by the world´s leading universities as the gold standard of international education and sets up hybrid hubs around the world making education more accessible & flexible for all. 

Tim Vieira was previously elected president of CCILSA and is a distinguished member of the Advisory Board at Nova SBE. He is the Founder and President of Be Brave and Founder of Escolhe Portugal. 

Tim Vieira has recently finished his LefE3x course and is a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic of Portugal in 2026. 

09:40 – 10:05 | DEBATE

friday september 1st

Schools of the Future: The Rise of New Educational Models

Moderado por Ana Rita Duarte Bessa