The passion for books is a timeless sentiment that transcends cultures and generations. It is one of the most enriching and gratifying feelings that surpasses time and space, allowing us to travel through unknown worlds, explore different cultures, and experience diverse adventures. We open the pages of a book and find ourselves immersed in stories that make us laugh, cry, reflect, and dream, where each book and each page turned is a door to a unique universe, created by the brilliant mind of an author.”

Silvia Rodriguez
Executive Director of Book 2.0 

The Portuguese Association of Publishers and Booksellers (APEL) has the purpose, as its mission, to promote the sustainable development of the Book sector in Portugal, to defend copyright, to support editorial diversity, to continuously qualify industry professionals, and to take all of the actions necessary to promote editorial, distribution, and bookselling activities, both nationally and internationally, for the collective benefit of rights holders represented by the association.

APEL aims to encourage the production and promotion of literary works in the Portuguese language, published in Portugal in their various formats, contributing to ensure universal access to books and reading. Additionally, its goal is to promote an increase in the literacy level of our society.

Through various partnerships and collaborations with diverse stakeholders, whether public or private, the Association seeks to ensure the presence of Portuguese books on the international stage and drives the discussion on challenges and opportunities. This proactive approach seeks to prepare the sector for anticipated innovations and technological transformations in the future.

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In Portugal, education and reading play fundamental roles in building a more informed, critical, and inclusive society. Over the past decades, the country has undergone significant transformations in the field of education and the promotion of reading, seeking to respond to the challenges of a constantly evolving society. Despite the progress, there are still challenges that require utmost attention, namely the inequality in access to education and reading that still persists, especially in more vulnerable communities; as well as the promotion of digital literacy, which is essential given the increasing importance of technology in our societies and the opportunities that arise from it.
Pedro Sobral
President of APEL
On August 31st and September 1st, 2023, APEL organized the first edition of Book 2.0 #The Future of Reading. With the first page turned, we continue on a joint journey towards the Future of the Book, with the second edition scheduled for September 5th and 6th, 2023.
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