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05 September 2024 - 12:30 |

It is no secret that the planet is burning, and so are we. While words were once limited to scarce materials, we can now find them everywhere, but at what natural cost? The publishing industry is challenged to rethink its ecological footprint and embrace sustainability as the new way forward. How can we address this urgency and reduce the environmental impact of the publishing industry? Ever relevant to the question of resources is our moral obligation to strive towards equity, inclusiveness, and to facilitate the diversity of thought and being. Books have the unique ability to amplify diverse narratives, challenge prejudice, and promote inclusivity. How can we reimagine the role of books to enhance not only social inclusivity, but also that of our planet and its ecology? How can we, through the collective pen we hold, write a story about humanity, uniting billions of voices worldwide in the pursuit of societal progress? Is this the story we want to write about our democratic achievements as political beings?