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Technology’s etymology (from the Greek words “techne” = art, skill, craft, “logos” = word, speech, reason) reveals that technology, at its core, is about crafting wisdom, a role that only books have played for centuries, embodying the timeless essence of knowledge and culture. Our story is now – in part – being written through a digital pen. A new landscape of publishing. 

New forms of interaction with books. Endless technological developments facilitating numerous formats in which we find words and more words. In an era where we are not only shaping technology, but being shaped by technology, we must ask: what does it mean to be human in a digital age? What should we preserve and where are we allowed to innovate? How is human creativity intertwined with artificial intelligence? How does a dynamic interplay between human intellect and technological advancements affect our cognitive abilities? How is social media serving as a platform that connects us as human beings? How are we altering the reading experience?